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Chicago pink & green made me laugh

Cement truck PINK only in Chicago, is it preppy ironic that a green truck is beside the pink one?

Travel clothes airport April 2013

Travel day flying from San Antonio Texas 71 degrees to Chicago Illinois 39 degrees. Dressed in layers.
Button up plaid in teal
Cardigan teal with white dots
Pashmina wrap in teal and marigold yellow trim
Dark denim jeans (rear high rise for my hour glass figure)
Black flats (I know the shoes look long, I am tall)
Second picture- antique 1970 authentic coach flap bag in black leather
Secret- my trench coat is packed on top in my checked luggage, and ready when we retrieve luggage in Chicago

Traveling To Chicago IL 2013 spring 4-9-13

Burberry rain gear, forecast to rain %80 of my visit
Missing is my toiletry bag
First time to have to pack ear muffs for a trip
My first time to Chicago, IL today is also my brother-in-laws birthday
Happy Birthday Greg, I hope your carrot cake is "awesome"