Template for a personalized note

Template for a personalized note,
thinking of you and thank you for personal private life interactions.
By taking the time to hand write a letter you are saying the recipient of the note is important. Why? Think about how valuable time is today and by hand writing a note is saying this person is valuable to you.
The beginning and body of the note

1.     Date the letter
2.     Greeting, Dear insert name
3.     Say why you are writing the note, for example

I think about you often

Your gift was so thoughtful

Thank you so much for

End this first sentence with a personal part.

Example: Your gift (insert what the gift was) arrived unexpectedly and made my day brighter with your thoughtfulness.

Example: It is hard being the new person in the office, and I was having such a stressful day, but your kind actions by bring me a cup of coffee today at the meeting made me feel welcomed and relaxed.

Example: I was feeling stressed about reaching my deadline until I saw the cute coffee mug you gave me yesterday. Just thinking of your sweet smile when you handed it to me gave me a reset and a boost of energy.

Gift, what it meant to you, how did the gift impact your life, and finally what was the result of getting the gift.

Example: You are gifted something decorative. You were so thoughtful to think of me when you found this mustang car, how did you know that my collection of model cars was missing the 1967 Mustang? The blue Mustang is now showcased with my collection. Thanks to you, my collection is one car closer to completion.

If the gift is money, thank the person for the gift, and then say what resulted from the money,

What did you purchase with the money?

What was the last action of the money, did you add it to a larger money fund? If so which one and what is the fund for? How will having this money impact your life in a positive way.

End the letter with a simple salutation

Your name

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