Doris Day Makeup Lover Come Back 1961

rose pink with white
 V.I.P. anyone? How wonderful if VIP really existed in our life time?
Quote: Doctor Linus Tyler: At last, I've given the world what it needs! A good 10-cent drunk!

Now for the makeup look back. The eye liner, orange or red lips, and the accessories.... I swoon thinking of the accessories. 

If Carol Templeton really existed and was a working gal of 2013, she would need 3 hours just to pack on her accessories before going to work, not to mention setting her hair. Can you imagine Ms. Templeton sashaying into a board room with her plastic hat and jingling charm bracelets? Think of all the ink and coffee stains she would have on her pale pink and white suits at the end of the day. I can envision her smudged with filth from the UPS packages she had to stack in the corner from the daily deliveries. Yes, we have modern appliances and devises but, I would gladly scrap my iphone and ipad for the lady like lifestyle of Ms. Templeton.

Why does this movie relate to me? I was born in the late 60's with memories of the "Avon Lady" arriving at our front door as if she were Santa on Christmas Eve. Which I blame Avon for my love affair with cosmetics. I learned from Lisa Eldridge that in the 60's cosmetic companies targeted audience was adult woman over the age of 35.

Which is in contrast to current cosmetic advertisement targeting tweens with glitter eyeshadow.

I have always loved Doris Day movies and enjoy morphing her Hollywood 1960's makeup into a modern twist on my mature skin.  To learn more about Vintage Make-up video
orange lips with grey eyeshadow
thick eyeliner

pearl earrings, smokey eye, bold lip

framed face, with her suit, hat, halo of hair, and flower

Intense smokey eye with clean lower lash line

heavy cheek application

sparkling eyes

mother figure

thick eye liner and fake eye lashes

cocktail hour
bronze and highlight on cheeks

Bud Westmore.... makeup artist
 for this movie used matte and dewy foundation finishes to match the story of the movie. I noticed at the beginning Doris Day has a matte complexion and as the movie turns with the attraction building from the female point of view of desire, the makeup appears to have soft shimmer highlights applied to the top of the cheek bones with dark smokey eyes.

Looking at this movie I see all of the same cosmetics that we enjoy today as if they were a new concept, liquid eyeliner, fake eyelashes, bronzers, highlights, the bold red lip. As it is said, "the more things change the more they stay the same" and this appears to be true for cosmetics.

the Avon lipstick samples that I adored as a child in the 70's

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