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Summer break movie Saturday 7-13-13

I laughed out loud at least 3 times, one monster with multiple limbs was gulping huge mugs of coffee from each limb was a favorite scene as well as the Mom 's choice of car music. 


Cary Grant Just Because I can

"Cary Grant, he is so good looking that clothes compete with his facade." 
-K. O. 2013


Rome Adventure in Pictures part 5

make for over 40 - ladies

the over 40 crowd will appreciate the saucy attitude of the book store owner
she is touch and soft at the same time, and understands the need for social interaction.
I enjoy the way she lives vicariously through the young people and their love affairs
with also taking time to respect her own needs when she is on "holiday"

blondes over 40 still have fun


Rome Adventure in Pictures part 4

classic double strand pearls

bracelet over cuff, pinkie ring preppy college girl

white blazer, peach lipstick, dark upper defined eyes

high lighted cheek bones, stud earrings

the seducer


A monster Paris DVD rental 2011, watched 2013

A movie set in Paris in the year 1910 and centered on a monster who lives in a garden and his love for a beautiful, young singer. 

After the first 20 seconds of this song, I was hooked. It made the movie for me.
I realize this movie was set in Paris, but this dance reminded me of Latin America 


The Pink Panther the movie original 1963

Bumbling and conceited French police inspector Clouseau tries to catch The Phantom, a daring jewel thief whose identity and features are unknown - and is acting right under his nose.




  (screenplay), (screenplay)

 leopard with bold color
 fringe bangs, chunky sweater with black leggings, and winged eye liner
 fit and flair cocktail dress

 turtleneck with sports coat