How to write a postcard

Dear (nickname), the cuter or funnier the better

It’s one big day of adventures here in (place example Rome). Say where you are

Having a blast celebrating (example: summer) say why you are there

drinking up the atmosphere, and making new memories with (name) your words describing a good time and who you are traveling with

 I just (example: rode a Vespa) at the (location) and got the freedom of my life. Comment on a new memory for you, make it personal

I screamed take a picture at the last moment after I tied my hair back with my teal silk scarf. Adding personal touches draws your audience into the picture

We are bringing home lots of pictures just for you.  Makes them feel wanted and remembered even though they were not on the trip with you

Your name
P.S. I just found the perfect earrings for you, love from Rome. Give them something to look forward to on your return.

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