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Weekend look fox fall 2013 Novembet

Its that time of year when Texans pretend its cold outside. I purchased this sweater last year from Old Navy.

Ashley, you might noticed that your Aunt Kimmy buys most of her clothes from Old Navy. I am going to share why.

1. I have wide shoulders, so even though i am thin, I am relatively a large woman in structure.

2. Old Navy Tops in general fit my shoulders perfectly. Their button up tops shoulder seam match my shoulder joint perfectly, they fit my frame as if they were custom fitted to my shoulders.

3. Dresses, I have an average length upper body, but my hips and legs are abnormally long. I order cute dresses from under the tall sizing.

4. I am one of those people who are gentle on their clothes. I purchase $30 and $40 dresses that have structure and fit which makes them look higher end than they are.

I wear this fox sweater with jeans and orange Madras skirt.

I think this would also look adorable if you turn it backwards and tie it around the shoulders so that the fox is looking at the people behind you, just relaxing and checking out the world from your back side. Pushing the boundries in fashion is a womans perogative, am I to old to wear a critter sweater, well that depends. I choose one in a neutral tone and color, the fox is classic silhouette and it is minus extra embelishment such as bows, faux leather patches, and glitter. As I approach age 50 my concern for what is age appropriate bears more on my mind. But, as you know me, I am like whatever, if it feels right with my soul and spiritual then go with it.


Sneak Peak Halloween 2013

Indiana Jones is in San Antonio today via Mr Fancy
And watch out for that elusive black cat 


Haloween candy for office party grown up candy

pumpkin spice limited edition marshmallows 
Vanilla melting white almond 
Candy sprinkles

My first Shark week, recap spooky month post

In celebration of my actually "participating" in shark week, I made this, I realize it is not a shark, but a gold fish, but the shark at the ceramic store, was not useful. I will not say where I did this because, I can not give it a good review. This tiny fish cost me almost $50.00, no joke, talk about highway robbery, all I will say is that the ceramic store is in San Antonio, TX and is in shopping center on Bitters Street and West Ave. near the putt putt golf. NO, I will not return as a customer.

One of the things I learned from shark week is that the shark teeth used to make retail accessories and the large teeth for sale, come from the west side of Florida, from fossil teeth that wash up and litter the beach, as in a natural occurrence. who knew?
adorable bento shark (box lunch), from web search
end of spring 2013 Mr Fancy actually caught a shovel head baby shark off peer 61 in Galveston TX. on a fishing rod, bate was squid. this is not the shark caught, image via web search
I also learned that a shark's head is full of pockets of a jelly like substance that helps them feel vibrations in the water, strange and scary
after watching shark week with the entire world, I am even more scared of water monsters, yes, I still swim in the ocean. 


My next iPhone case, for iphone5

Right now I have the iphone4 with a wallet case, which I adore. I am so dependent on my iPhone case doubling as my wallet that it has prevented me from updating to iphone5. Until now...I found my next iPhone case. So when the far distant day arrives forcing me to update to iphone5, I will be ready.


A monster Paris DVD rental 2011, watched 2013

A movie set in Paris in the year 1910 and centered on a monster who lives in a garden and his love for a beautiful, young singer. 

After the first 20 seconds of this song, I was hooked. It made the movie for me.
I realize this movie was set in Paris, but this dance reminded me of Latin America 


Free flow game update part 2

This is the hardest level in the free pack

The following are tables that stumped me for a bit, I just kept solving till I got it.