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Words to live by, be the best you can be

Making new friends, advice for Matthew and Ashley

The challenges with moving to a new town, is making new friends. I have extended my friendship to several people and not all of them, took. 

Making new friends is sort of like dating, you don't know the person on just first impressions. I waited 3 months before I extended my time to strangers and spent some moments in time with people, just to see how we clicked together. 

Everyone has something they are interested in, or like to chat about. I do my best to avoid gossip.

My tips on making new friends:

Tip 1. Talk about current events, but instead of re-counting the event. Say how the event impacted you. Points to remember, keep your opinions simple, as much as we don’t like to think about it, our every word is being judged by the person you are talking to.

Example: This week was Shark week, and it is also the first time, I actually watched and made an event out of shark week. (How did it impact me?) I learned new facts about sharks, and that I am super scared of sharks, yes, even after all the documentaries from shark week. Talking about what I learned gives me an opening conversation starter.

Tip 2. Be open to potential friend material. Here are the (soft) rules I implemented. I asked myself, are they law abiding, do they smoke, and lastly, do they have a clean and pleasant appearance, Will I be embarrassed to be seen with them in public? (Have they bathed in the last 24 hrs, did they comb their hair and brush their teeth, regardless of how old or style of their clothes, are their clothes clean and tidy) Non-smoking is a must for me.

Tip 3. Always remember to use your manners, you know the basic never fail social rules you learned in grade school.

Tip 4. If the person you originally asked out on a “get to know me friends outing” doesn't work out, it still might result in a friendship, from the other people they know, a co-worker, relative, and or neighbor.

Last rule, I usually will not invite a stranger into my home until I have known them for about 2 years. (By choice: I live simply, and in a small space, to enter my home is truly seeing into my medicine cabinet and private space.)

The two quote pictures are from me chatting with the husband about the people who didn't turn out to be friends-material and I quoted him. 


Between husband and wife

Playful interaction between a healthy married couple

When discussing dessert at a dinner party,  A women said  "I will only have a bite: for me it's to the lips and straight to the hips", when her husband replied, just like your husband, he said with a huge smile- she gushed in reply


Hair color, selfie, I have brown leather for hair

I finally found an ash brown to rinse out my natural red highlights, now my hair matches my leather sofa. Wonk, wonk, wonk goes on

P.S. I hope polo dresses never go out of style, so comfy
no filter, will I ever outlive the love of bright lips, probably not

me in a grey polo dress, no filter

all natural, no filter


Signs of Summer

Kool aid sweetened with Splenda, and poured over a tower of ice
The watermelon taste just like a jolly rancher

From walmart 
Sunless tanner
Lime scented aloe lotion
New lime cool spray, which is just awesome- it has a strong mist, tropical scent, and super refreshing


Sunday this summer 2013

Adult bible class in the morning, Topic: What it means to be a Christian today

Napping by the pool in the afternoon, after finishing bible study homework, it is 100F outside, towels dry stiff fast in the heat

His and hers monogrammed beach towels on patio after swimming: Summertime 


My Pinterest habits

I always feel a little self conscience when I re-pin a Pinterest pin, the format makes it look like I am the original author, and I thought of a way to establish the fact that the words and image are passed along and not my words. I am typing at the beginning of the pin, that this is a pushed pin, as in pushing (passing) the pin along or around


My next iPhone case, for iphone5

Right now I have the iphone4 with a wallet case, which I adore. I am so dependent on my iPhone case doubling as my wallet that it has prevented me from updating to iphone5. Until now...I found my next iPhone case. So when the far distant day arrives forcing me to update to iphone5, I will be ready.


Harris Rosen an outstanding American

Harris Rosen (born September 9, 1939 in Manhattan, New York City, New York) is an American businessman and investor. He founded Rosen Hotels & Resorts in 1974, and serves as the company's President and Chief Executive Officer.
Rosen is widely known in the Central Florida area due to his philanthropy, and was named the Orlando Sentinel's Central Floridian of the Year in 2011.


In 2002, Rosen donated a 20-acre (0.081 km2) site and $25 million to the University of Central Florida to develop the Rosen College of Hospitality Management.[6] Today, the college is regarded as one of the nation's premier hospitality schools. He also started a $2.5 million dollar scholarship endowment at UCF.
His efforts extend far beyond UCF, including large involvement in Tangelo Park. These efforts include scholarships for members of the community who are accepted to vocational school, college or university in the state of Florida, and an alternative spring break for Cornell students who wish to spend their vacation mentoring students from Tangelo Park.
Rosen currently serves as a charter member of the University of Central Florida Board of Trustees.

Why is Harris Rosen my inspiration?

As I move forward in my life, I am shifting from working outside the home for a modest income, then transitioning to staying home and managing everything in our household. I am reaching the age where I need to give back to my community. As a nurse, I am a true believer in Maslows' hierarchy of needs

The last need is: 5. Self-Actualization needs - realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences.

I am feeling a gravitational pull to reconnect with my church and sponsor a youth program, I am scared of failure but "nothing risked, nothing gained"

Top 3 fears:

1. What if today's teens overwhelm me?
2. What if they hate me?
3. Will they feel let down by me?

What I have to gain

1. Friendship -being a mentor
2. Knowing I made a positive reaction in another's life
3. Knowing I was useful beyond my own needs

Why a church sponsored youth program?
From grade school till sophomore in High School, I was involved in a youth program. Almost all of my cherished childhood memories are based on the field trips, volunteering, and friendship centered around a group. Looking back I never really considered that with a selfless adult sponsoring the activity, I wouldn't have the group or my fond memories.

Speaking of memories
Memories are the only true possession a human has. Our memories keep us entertained when we are bored, make us feel happy and make us feel worthy. All valued when a human is in their "golden" years of life.

How do you plan to give back to your community? Who is your hero?