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Washington DC 2012, Family Vacation, part 7

Pentagon Mall, I wore my green jeans, black and white large stripe silken tank top from old navy and my mustard yellow cardigan with my mustard yellow ballet flats from Target, I was surprised by how many complements we received. In one store the manger approached us and asked if we were secret retail shoppers and when we told her we were both nurses she couldn't believe it. She said we were so put together that we looked like we worked in upper retail. Hubs was wearing dark wash slim fit jeans, suede leather lace up shoes, a plaid button up with contrasting cuffs, matching leather belt. In the Kenneth Cole store I was stopped three times in 10 minutes by three different people with praise on my "color blocking" Due to coloring mixing and refashioning is my hobby, everything I learned is from Classy Girls Wear Pearls and Building a Remixable Wardrobe 
I have added my own personal touches here and there and I have had to adjust for appropriate age and my personal figure style. I am a classic hour glass my waist is 9 inches smaller than my hips  


Washington DC 2012, Family Vacation, part 6

Fall 2012 Lincoln memorial, this was my favorite. Viewed in person on our last day in DC

it was unseasonably warm and I am wearing my new purchase MAC lady danger lipstick


Washington DC 2012, Family Vacation, part 5

On the second day in DC went to National Museum of Health and Medicine (NMHM):

This was a blessing and curse. At first when we looked at the directions to the museum and how far it was from the Metro. It didn't look that far. I am not exaggerating when I say that we walked 5 miles that day. If I had known it was going to be that much walking and time consumed from my day, No, I would not have gone.  The five miles doesn't sound that bad but we were carrying a tote bag of water and stuff, we were in street clothes, dress shoes, and didn't know where we were! Not to mention how much was up hill.

Blessing, we did see the actual bullet removed from President Lincoln


Life in Pictures November 2012 #20

much needed coffee break, date with the love of my life, hubs and coffee, so girly with lipstick on my cup. MAC lady danger my favorite red lip


Washington DC 2012, Family Vacation, part 4

First official day of sight seeing in DC. (side note this is exactly one week before Hurricane Sandy) 2012
the sunny weather and autumnal foliage
before lunch we went to the National Mall and walked, walked, and walked to many of the museums. As in the movie "night at the museum" I am honored to say that I have now in person seen the skeleton of "Lucy" to learn more about Lucy click here
 Two facts shocked me about Lucy, 1. She is way, and I stress way shorter than I expected. 2. The palm of her hands are almost non-existent, with somewhat scary long fingers.

next it was mid after noon and we stopped for lunch
fitting in a little bit of personal time... you can see the weather was wonderful and we dinned outside. The food was high quality. I had a salmon salad and the hubs had a steak salad.
Up a block from this restaurant is a bus tour company with the double deck, top open bus and that is what gave us the idea to go on the guided bus tour we took our last day. I will try to post about it because it was not good and I cant recommend it.


Washington DC 2012, Family Vacation, part 3

the weather while we were in DC was Ammazzing

Washington DC 2012, Family Vacation, part 2

True story, the above pictures are the view from our hotel room. We were on the 4th floor. We arrived in DC late Sunday night and checked into the hotel around 9pm after our first Metro (subway) ride. The next morning while the Hubs was playing with his ipad I snapped these photoes which later saved the day!
Fast forward from a sun filled day of walking and playing hard all over DC we are hoping on and off the Metro and viewing all our eyes and legs would let us.

Now it is almost sunset and we are one Metro station away from our hotel so we decided to walk. This is a challenge for two reasons. 1. The tall buildings are making our iPhone GPS cut in and out and was unable to truly pin point our location. 2. Our first experience of being a victim to the new iPhone apple map update. aka (missing Google maps!) I remember my pictures and with those I was able to site familiar buildings and I got us to our hotel by using street names and knowing the general direction I wanted to go. The hubs was very impressed. Take that apple maps. Kimmy score 1, apple maps score 0


Washington DC 2012, Family Vacation, part 1

Washington DC 2012, a week before storm Sandy
Family Vacation October
packing and prepping
 carry on tote containing, cross-body handbag, zip lock of liquids, magazine, cardigan, kindle reader and ipad
 we always take two totes when we travel, it helps us stay organized throughout the week with shopping, and food, pictured is LL Bean tote (old) large and medium both with long handles and zipper top, and monogrammed, tote
 fully packed case from LL Bean, old, here is similar 
I love my bean travel case, it is navy with leather trim, the navy makes it easy to spot on the conveyor belt at the airport
travel day OOTD, grey wool skirt, chambray polka dot button up, mustard yellow cardigan, cognac knee boots, pearl necklace and fossil watch with leather navy band.