Washington DC 2012, Family Vacation, part 4

First official day of sight seeing in DC. (side note this is exactly one week before Hurricane Sandy) 2012
the sunny weather and autumnal foliage
before lunch we went to the National Mall and walked, walked, and walked to many of the museums. As in the movie "night at the museum" I am honored to say that I have now in person seen the skeleton of "Lucy" to learn more about Lucy click here
 Two facts shocked me about Lucy, 1. She is way, and I stress way shorter than I expected. 2. The palm of her hands are almost non-existent, with somewhat scary long fingers.

next it was mid after noon and we stopped for lunch
fitting in a little bit of personal time... you can see the weather was wonderful and we dinned outside. The food was high quality. I had a salmon salad and the hubs had a steak salad.
Up a block from this restaurant is a bus tour company with the double deck, top open bus and that is what gave us the idea to go on the guided bus tour we took our last day. I will try to post about it because it was not good and I cant recommend it.

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