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My Favorite Dry Shampoo

I have fine and thin hair, which I have learned to work with my entire life.

Dear Matthew and Ashley,  I remember when I first had a frustrating moment with my hair. I was in grade school and my hair was long, it was down to my middle back and every moring my Mother would comb my long locks into two high pigtails. At the time, the trendy hair grip was the elastic loops with the balls on the end and you place the middle of the loop on the hair and wrap and wrap and then slide one ball over the other to secrue the ponytail. One saturday morning, my Mother refused to do my hair and gave me the horrible news that it was time for me to starting styling my own hair startintg today. I spent over an hour standing infront of the mirror trying to twist that (dispicble elastic loop) around my ponytail. (Of course, the prudent partent action would have been to set up a child with the products needed to be successful, instead of starting a beginner with advance tools, but you know how Granny O. is) To no suprise, I walked out of the bathroom an hour and half later, face tear stained and for the first time, I hated my hiar. 

Ashley today you are finishing your second grade year and your hair almost a mirror image of how mine was. I am so blessed to know that you mother is gentle and has guided you love the hair you were born with. 

Reasons why I love my thin and fine hair.

1. A bottle of shampoo and conditioner last almost a year, and for this reason it is easy to afford a higher end brand. 

2. Our fine thin hair dries super fast, even when air drying.

3. We spend almost little if nothing on styling products, every little thing applied to our hair can weigh it down, so a little goes a long way

4. Even when its long, it is light on the scalp; therefore, updoes feel light and easy on the head.

5. Our type of fine thin hair is silky soft, and our loved ones and family love to play with it, which is so relaxing and bonding.

Two major disadvantages to thin and fine hair
1. It looks greasy very easily, I can shampoo and air dry my hair at 8pm and by 8am the next morning my bangs and crown can look a little limp and greasy. 

2. When styling our hair our scalp can show. So a quick flick with the tooth brush to tease the crown is almost always needed no matter what style we do our hair. 

To address the two most disadvantages, I use dry shampoo

I have tried many over the years including baby powder and kitchen supplies such as corn startch
but the best for me is the following.
(baby powder did work but to get enough on my hair to truley absorb the oils, made the powder settle on my scalp which clogged my pores and gave me some scalp acne. 
I use batiste original scent on my bangs and crown, I spray enough for a white cast, and let it sit while I do my makeup and then I rub/massage it out with my finger tips and my hair has volume, great scent, and looks clean. 

November makeup selection 2013



Borrowed tutorial for Fall wine lipstick fashion inspired

How lovely is this woman? To see more visit the original site 

My mature fall face/makeup 2013

At home in San Antonio Texas September 5, 2013 - fall makeup look, it is still 100 degrees here all month

I deported my too faced matte palette 

Revlon lippies

Stila cream blush in peony


Inspiration embrace your aging face, feature Gwyneth Paltrow

I enjoy seeing women my age in the media. I am so pleased to see Gwyneth Paltrow pictures that are not photo shopped to disguise her aging skin. In the following pictures, pointed detail of her wrinkle forehead, crows feet and smile lines or (marionette lines).


For the Love of Nars

Nars website

I have noticed that as I mature in my makeup junkie habits that I have been really snubbing drug store makeup. For me, it just doesn't stay on my face all day. So far the only drug store makeup I continue to purchase is mascara, but everything else, foundation, eyes shadows, eye liners, face powders, I have been gravitating to mid to high end. 

Love of makeup - mascara

its that time of year again when I open a new tube of waterproof mascara, I like the yellow colossal cat eye, mainly because while it is wet it smells of roses, strange but kinda cool
I have long curly lashes, I never have to use a lash curler and my outer lashes are swoop up like a smile
living in Texas it is HOT, and if I am not avoiding sweating from humid air, then I am splashing around in water; either way, I am always in danger of "regular" mascara running on me. 

3 different looks for eyes

I personally have been experimenting with three different looks. scroll down for pictures

Look one: dark lash line lid and fade to crease with matte skin tone near brow

Look two: light lash line lid with medium dark in crease and pearl base on brow

Look three: light in inner corner, dark in out V, and medium shade in crease fade to light near brow

Look One, Dark lash line
black lash line

classic dark lash line

soft natural dark lash line
natural eye makeup grey

Look two: light lash line lid with medium dark in crease and pearl base on brow

Look three: light in inner corner, dark in out V, and medium shade in crease fade to light near brow
 soft focus on the inner part of the eye and darker on the outer corners

I discovered for my particular face structure (DNA+age) that the light lash line look isn't the best for me, it made  me look tired and uninterested in life. I am still toying with the dark lash line versus the dark outer V look, and here is where I sit on the subject. 
Easiest: lower dark lash line hands down
Best: the dark out v look is better suited for my down turn outer corner of my eyes; and unfortunately  it is also the hardest. My challenge with this look is shading and fading. I seem to end of up with eye shadow all over the place, from my lash line to my brow, on the outer part of my eyes. The blending in such a small and important area of the eye is frustrating and I sometimes wonder, just how much time am I going to spend trying to get this blend just right. Yeah, I know, big whoop, haha, the challenges of a makeup junkie.