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2013, On a warm spring day a couple went to NASA, warning picture heavy, archive for Matthew and Ashley

Husband is to tall to be an astronaut 

long line for train transport to the NASA education tour

this reminds me of music videos from the 80's

Husband is so helpful
On our way

forgot something




sunny smiles

me and my bright shoes

his and hers

a man and his pet (electronic junkie)

me and my coffee

touching a part of space, I think it was part of an asteroid


When we visited the Houston Aquarium down town 2012

outside the entry

outside the entry

entry inside, power engine room

my handsome husband 

before the end of the Mayan calender

spooky stuff in that tank



my playful side


Feb 2013 Tory Burch

Look where I have been, I walked out with a closet staple, black ballet flats with gold logo
center sitting area, where the nice salesman fitted my shoes and gave me a  bottled water

the store was packed but the sales people are so nice

My purchase


Jan 2013 town center part 3

There are sitting benches on every turn, and two park type areas to lets your children run about while staying in your eyes view and out of traffic. Several police men where available on segways to help with any concerns or for just general directions. I highly recommend the Pearland Town Center if you are just wanting a slow pace with lots of walking shopping trip. For the most part all of the foot print stores are for the junior/teens. There are numerous restaurants, with patio dinning for people watching and sipping coffee. We only purchased from the Yankee Candle Company, like I said most of the stores only carried junior style/size clothing.
warm evening in south houston

love birds

sitting on a bench