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I have noticed that as I get older the bottles of face creams and moisturizers are slowly taking over my bathroom counter. I enjoy knowing that my face is soft and supple but I do wonder if it is all worth it in the end.

How many of us use the Repair Serum from Estée Lauder ?
by the way, this night repair serum dried my faced to the point of never using it again

Do you have a female family member in a nursing home right now; do you think she can afford her old moisturizing habits from her past?

My point:

As we move backwards from the mind set of being in a nursing home to our present age, enjoy the creams and potions you apply to your face. Purchase the very best you can personally afford that you believe benefits your personal skin. Look your best at all ages. As a way to live your best life and know that for the short time you have a body, you treated it the very best you could. Unless you can afford to purchase your own face creams in the nursing home, I am guessing I will be able to afford at least a Wal-Mart knock off  of Neutrogena.

There really isn’t a face cream standard in nursing homes, usually any moisturizing comes in one of two ways.

One, with a shower and the standard “useless” watered down paraben heavy cream for the body is applied, well, everywhere.

Two, if there is a skin condition such as redness, dry patchiness, or itching.  A prescription cream will be ordered and paid for by the government and applied by a nurse only, not you, not a nurse aide (CNA), but a nurse and only when it is prescribed, not when you want it.  

Customary closings:

I am doing my best to enjoy being middle aged. I have seen many people pass away and the best deaths that I have witnessed are when the person said they lived their best life.

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