My first Shark week, recap spooky month post

In celebration of my actually "participating" in shark week, I made this, I realize it is not a shark, but a gold fish, but the shark at the ceramic store, was not useful. I will not say where I did this because, I can not give it a good review. This tiny fish cost me almost $50.00, no joke, talk about highway robbery, all I will say is that the ceramic store is in San Antonio, TX and is in shopping center on Bitters Street and West Ave. near the putt putt golf. NO, I will not return as a customer.

One of the things I learned from shark week is that the shark teeth used to make retail accessories and the large teeth for sale, come from the west side of Florida, from fossil teeth that wash up and litter the beach, as in a natural occurrence. who knew?
adorable bento shark (box lunch), from web search
end of spring 2013 Mr Fancy actually caught a shovel head baby shark off peer 61 in Galveston TX. on a fishing rod, bate was squid. this is not the shark caught, image via web search
I also learned that a shark's head is full of pockets of a jelly like substance that helps them feel vibrations in the water, strange and scary
after watching shark week with the entire world, I am even more scared of water monsters, yes, I still swim in the ocean. 

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