Dear Ashley, Just me and my freckles on a warm summer day

I am still adjusting to the darker warmer tones to my hair, am I the only one who is amazed at how much a "tone" in hair can change well....everything. I am having to adjust the cosmetic tones that I choose for that day. This was my run around town and do errands clothes for the day. I wore it with my Tory Burch tan sandal the one with the gold t-bar, and my long champ tan nylon/leather tote bag. I am still keeping true to my original Ducan Diet plan that I started just over 2 years ago. Keeping a small waist has been one of the most consuming and challenging projects I have encountered in my adult life. 1st place in my adult life for challenges will always be nursing school. I will never forget how much I struggled to maintain a A+ in nursing school. geez what a rant I just had about randomness

To Ashley, I am 44 here in this picture

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