Last Sunday of Summer 2013

I didn't wear white often this summer, San Antonio TX 2013, I don't know why I didn't, I guess part of me finds living in the city center a bit grimy with the 3 major highways and airport all within a few miles of my front door. Plus, with the heat, I opted for a knee length skirt to keep cool. I purchased these white jeans a few years ago, after my first summer of loosing weight. I admit I don't really like them, but they are the only pair I have found so far to fit my curvy high waist and fit my price point. What would make them perfect is if they were full length. I hate carpi pants on me and this is the only pair I own.  Future: I hope to purchase a higher quality and full length white jean from the Loft or such store in 2015. The picture below is of me on my way to Bible school and then to service.
blouse white and blue stripe from old navy
white jeans, purchased years ago, nothing special.
shoes: nude wedges from target. with a back zipper, my favorite part of a sandal

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