Wednesday Wardrobe Sept 2013 (fall/hot weather)

Dear Matthew and Ashley, What I wore to Church this past Sunday. We started a new bible class last week, our church has a bible class for age group 40-50 adults. It was refreshing to see faces that are the same age as myself.

Our class speaker is named Steve, and I am torn on how I feel about the class.
One one hand it is nice to have a class for my age group
on the other hand the issues our speaker address don't really apply to my daily life. 

just in case your wondering, I am age 44 and five feet 7.5 inches tall
San Antonio TX 2013 temperature high 100 degrees Fahrenheit with 70% humidity

Chambray shirt button up, old navy
Hand sewen skirt, love the white bric brac hem
Black wedges. Target ( I think)

fall makeup face edition
with my usual ponytail (signature look) for me
This is around 8 months from the time I decided to grow out my ear lobe length Bob hair style

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