My favorite bicycle as a kid, Dear Ashley

This is an almost exact copy of the bicycle I had as a kid. I would ride it for hours after dinner and watch the sun set down the end of our street. Back then there were maybe two cars that would pass on our street in the hours I was riding. I would stand on the petals while my little sister rode on the seat. She was along for the ride. I was strong enough to petal us anywhere and my little sister would quietly sit behind me as my buddy and we would ride for what seemed like forever. We called it the "banana bike" due to its banana seat and yellow color. On the weekend after our normal chores we would ride about two miles down the farm road from our house. Once we visited a class mate of mine and other times we would ride out to old abandon ranch shacks and walk around looking at the old items left behind. We lived so far out in the suburbs that we could bike around and was safe on our own. I will always have loving memories of the freedom that bike gave me and my sister the summer evenings in Sweetwater Texas. 

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