A personal journey of losing a 100lbs. Chapter Three, leaving the comfort zone, part two

It takes courage to leave your comfort zone, it takes mental energy and we all have the power to achieve our goals. We all deserve to enjoy the best health possible for our bodies.  A “can do spirit” is absolutely necessary to achieve any goal. In order to leave your comfort zone you have to want something with your entire heart. There is so much to be gained by leaving your comfort zone. Pride in accomplishments when you step on the scales, try on smaller clothes, or for me it was having a foot of slack on the air plane seat belt after it was buckled around my hips.
there was a time when I was to fat for a plane seat belt

Two months before I decided to live a healthy life, my job required me to fly several times a week. With each flight I dreaded the point when I would have to suck in and click my seat belt on the plane. Several times I almost didn't make it, and I was on the edge of having to ask for a seat belt extension. I was going to have to leave my comfort zone regardless of how I proceeded in the future. I was faced with asking for a seat belt extension or start living a healthy lifestyle that would make my hips fit in the plane’s seat; both were going to make me leave my comfort zone.  Due to choosing health, I have a 12 inches or more extra strap dangling when I click the plane seat belt. Now my self esteem performs a happy dance each time I click the plane seat belt. 
I apologize to all of the people who sat next to me on my flights 3 years ago, I am sorry for taking up more than my share of the seat and arm rest. 

 Chapter Three: leave the comfort zone, end of part 2

my older relatives wonder why use younger kids are fat, and it is partly because we don't replace hunger pains with cancer sticks.

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